Hello. I'm Brallan. Orange County. California. Parties. Boobies. Psychedelic. Things. Strange. Weird. AWESOME. Ask me something. Peace.

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life--withoutyou asked: Your blog if so fucking awesome!!

Thanks man!

“Sexforsomereason" for You!
Look into my Eyes…
Let it BURN
peek a boo

danielledeloris asked: Your account 😍

My account hearts you too :)

6000 Followers! Secret stash #7
Thank You!
“mypatheticlife17" just for you!

mypatheticlife17 asked: Omfg! I love your blog! when they kill you, leave it to me! haha :)

When they kill me? I’m immortal :)

Brain Wash!
Look to the Stars!

Anonymous asked: What do you think of astrology?

I think its pretty awesome! Astrology related pic coming next :)