Hello. I'm Brallan. Orange County. California. Parties. Boobies. Psychedelic. Things. Strange. Weird. AWESOME. Ask me something. Peace.

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Bed was too far!
S.S. #10
To all my high as fuck Followers! :)
In Love with Mary Jane!

undeadpsychopath asked: Just had to say everytime im stoned. Or tripping i go to your page because its sl fucking awesome to look at 🙈

High life!! That is exactly why I created this blog. Peace and love homie

Anonymous asked: if they're prone to seizures then they shouldn't even be following you in the first place because your whole blog is basically just one big seizure waiting to happen

Exactly! :)

Anonymous asked: Hey you just posted a flashing strobe gif and I could have had a seizure please tag ur strobes.

If you are prone to seizures then why would you be in the psychedelic section of tumblr? Please don’t tell me what to do. Have a nice day :)

chadprincely asked: Your blog = Awsome

My blog = AWESOME!!! :)


Anonymous asked: Would you show me connection I also live in Orange County. I tried to trip on LSD a couple times and they all turned out to be bunk

My advice to you is hit up some parties in Costa Mesa and Newport and ask around! You can do it. And call it acid